Rebuilt Short Blocks

All Shortblocks have 1 Year Warranty Against Internal Defects


Umatek is the engine expert of North America. 

Umatek started as a small garage located in Notre-Dame Street in Thetford Mines. The founder, Mr. Adrien Bernard, worked diligently with 5 employees. He had a modest start, but then, his business grew thanks to his determination and his love for mechanics. 

The new family ownership sold the firm to CVTech Group Inc. The new owners wanted to keep the essence of the business, so they decided to add AAB to CVTech as a reminder of the origins of the company, but also in honor of the perseverance and work of the founder, Mr. Adrien Bernard.

The company currently has a team of a 100 of passionate employees which replate your snowmobile, ATV, motocross and even your boat cylinders. Machining of engine blocks and engine heads is also offered as well as crankshaft repair for the same vehicles.