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Counteract Balancing Beads balance for the complete life of the tire due to their ability to readjust the balanced position as required... something lead weights are unable to do. Counteract balances the complete wheel assembly in all wheel positions on both trucks and trailers, as well as motorcycles, ATVs, motorhomes and classic cars. Counteract is protected from road hazards and obstructions inside the tire and will not fall off as lead w.iights can do.,. saving the environment from the problems caused by external wheel weights.

  • The beads are a unique technology, the only product of its type on the market
  • Environmentally friendly and completely trouble free. it is the preferred method of balancing all complete wheel assemblies
  • The balancing beads are distributed around the Ure as it begins to roll, through centrifugal force.
  • As the centrifugal force increases. the heavy spot pulls up and down on the suspension, making the beads move in the opposite direction of the downward and upward motion, through inertia
  • The beads continue to migrate until the complete wheel assembly is balanced